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Scotch Plains Boys Soccer Trip 1
Starting An International Record – While Still In High School!
August 17, 2018

There are few high school students out there who can say they’ve competed in six international soccer matches before graduation day.

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FC Frederick Boys trip
Frederick Boys Get Their Game on in Costa Rica
July 17, 2018

The under-18 boys team of FC Frederick of Maryland arrived in Costa Rica on a delayed flight, so they were really hungry when they got here.

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Rush Select Boys and Girls in Costa Rica
June 22, 2018

Costa Rica Soccer Tours was honored to host Rush Select, an unusual mix of boys’ and girls’ teams from various U.S. states and Canada, ages 14 and 15, for a barnstorming tour of Costa Rica — where they played a total of six friendly international matches.

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North Central College Men's Soccer Trip
A Week Full Of Excitement With North Central Men’s Soccer
March 23, 2018

The North Central College Men’s Soccer trip to Costa Rica could be summed up in one word: adventurous.

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South Region Boys ODP Tackle Tough Competition in Costa Rica
February 26, 2018

The South Region ODP Boys are enjoying a soccer tour to Costa Rica filled with soccer, sun, fun, beach time, good fun, and international competition.

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West Region ODP Boys 03 Soccer Trip
Non-Stop Action & Adventure During West Region ODP Boys 03 Soccer Trip
February 22, 2018

The West Region ODP Boys 03 hit the ground running from the moment they stepped off the plane in Costa Rica.

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East Region ODP Boys 04 Soccer Trip
Trip To Costa Rica Leaves A Lasting Mark On East Region ODP Boys 04
February 20, 2018

The East Region ODP Boys 04 Soccer Trip was a huge success, thanks to careful planning and the ideal custom itinerary drafted by Costa Rica Soccer Tours.

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Belmont Hill School Costa Rica Trip
Lessons To Last A Lifetime
August 30, 2017

From the moment they landed, the team was immersed in a world of soccer, nature, and beautiful culture.

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Loras College Soccer Trip
Loras College Returns For SEVENTH Visit To Costa Rica!
August 16, 2017

Challenging soccer matches, gorgeous scenery, a beautiful new culture. Of course they wanted to come back!

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North Texas ODP Boys Soccer Trip to Costa Rica
North Texas ODP Boys Soccer Trip to Costa Rica
August 5, 2017

With four matches, five team trainings, and an entire week of adventures it’s safe to say that this soccer trip was a huge success!

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