Rush Select Costa Rica TripEvery athlete dreams of traveling the world and competing in their favorite sport. Rush Soccer Club toured Costa Rica with their U14 Select Boys and Girls teams and had an amazing trip.

On their first full morning in San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica, the Girls team was up bright and early for team training and breakfast. They had the first friendly match of the trip scheduled right before dinner, and needed a chance to get in the zone and practice a few techniques!

After the Girls finished their training and rested up a bit, both teams headed out for a walking tour of the city. When the tour was over, the Boys started their team training while the Girls suited up for their first match. After a quick lunch, the Girls headed out to the field for a friendly match against local soccer team Dimas.

The first 15 minutes of the game was split 50/50 in possession; both teams were playing hard and fast. After a while, Rush Select Girls kicked into full gear, and left the pitch with a win 3-1 over Dimas.

The Boys’ friendly match against Escazú followed right after. Although they left the field without a win, they learned lots of very important techniques and new skills to take with them for future matches.

Take a look at the video below to see the Rush Select players in action:


Day two of the trip found both teams at an orphanage for impoverished children, where the Boys and Girls were able to play games with the kids. The Rush Select players were truly moved by this experience, and left the orphanage with an entirely new outlook on their own lives and the lives of others throughout the world.

Listen as some of the team members recount their experience at the orphanage:


Rejuvenated after a day of fun with the kids, the teams worked through another training session before their second game of the trip. This time, both the Rush Select Girls and Boys teams walked away with the win. What a perfect way to end their last night in San Jose!

The following morning, the teams woke up bright and early to catch their transfer to the Costa Rican rainforest. They spent two days in San Carlos, relaxing in hot water springs, hiking to the La Fortuna waterfall, and white water rafting.

Each team had one final match in San Carlos before making their way to Pacific Beach. We think the Boys and Girls teams both loved this part of the tour; the scenery was spectacular, and the beach provided the perfect spot for a little team training in the sand and surf!

While at Pacific Beach, the teams got to take in the true beauty of Costa Rica on a zip line tour over the rainforest canopy. They wrapped up the trip with one last friendly match back in San Jose before packing up their bags and preparing to return home.

See more of their rainforest fun:

The Rush Select U14 Boys and Girls teams were truly transformed by their experience in Costa Rica. Give your team this opportunity of a lifetime to grow as a soccer player, and as a young adult.

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